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Our experienced team has a detailed understanding of market fundamentals, yields the strategic insights that provide clients with the market advice that enhances project value and mitigates project risk.

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To provide clients with valuable information, analysis and insights about the electricity sector leading to informed decisions and investments.

To be the premier management consulting firm focusing on the electricity sector known for our expertise, insights and high-quality services.

We are committed to service excellence and maintaining deep knowledge of the electricity sector.  We conduct our work with an eye to the future, staying on top of industry trends, while being grounded in evidence and practicality.

Our Team

John Dalton
Jason Chee-Aloy
Managing Director
Kris Aksomitis
Andrew Kinross
Micheal Killeavy
Commercial Director
Travis Lusney
Manager Procurement and Power Systems
Sarah Simmons
Manager Generation and Emerging Sectors
Brady Yauch
Manager Markets and Regulatory
Wesley Stevens
Manager Quantitative Analysis
Christine Runge
Senior Consultant
Ami Khalsa
Charles Bocklet
Julie Glover
Office and Accounts Manager