Electricity Resource Options for the City of Windsor

September 27, 2022
Sarah Simmons & Travis Lusney

Power Advisory was retained by the City of Windsor to deliver a report with recommended actions to alleviate electricity supply and transmission constraints impacting investments and economic development in the City of Windsor and surrounding areas.  The intent of the report was to illustrate how decisions made at the provincial level impact economic growth opportunities for the City and the region, and to outline steps that the City can undertake to facilitate energy capability in the region.  Power Advisory’s report to the City includes:

  • An overview of Ontario’s electricity sector, including province-wide supply and demand outlook
  • A review of the regional electricity planning area impacting transmission capacity to the City of Windsor (and Windsor-Essex Region more broadly)
  • A discussion of the Independent Electricity System Operator’s (IESO’s) procurement processes for province-wide electricity supply, including implications for the City of Windsor
  • A summary of non-transmission solutions that could be implemented to alleviate near-term transmission constraints
  • Recommendations for the City of Windsor

While the City of Windsor took the lead to commission this report, the information, commentary and recommendations are also applicable to other municipalities in the Windsor-Essex Region.

Overall, the report emphasizes the critical role that municipalities will play in the development of local resources (e.g., IESO procurement processes, permitting), and that the City of Windsor should be prepared to respond to multiple requests from generators and storage providers for general development inquires, requests for council support resolutions, and permitting applications.  While multiple transmission projects are planned, transmission development takes time, and therefore the IESO, Hydro One, ENWIN, and others must be engaged to develop intermediate solutions which can be deployed in the near-term.

Read the full report here: City of Windsor: City Council Meeting