ICYMI: UK National Grid Presentation on Benefits of Coordinated Development of Offshore Transmission

February 17, 2021
John Dalton

Earlier this month there was a compelling presentation by Dr. Stojkovska, Technical Manager Offshore Coordination at National Grid, that reviewed work completed by National Grid identifying the benefits of coordinated development of offshore transmission in the UK. The study estimated that potential savings in transmission investment to be 18% (US$8 billion) with 60 GW of additional offshore wind (OSW) development, with the number of landfalls reduced by 70%. These reduced landfalls are a dramatic reduction in what is typically a critical environmental permitting pinchpoint for OSW, producing meaningful environmental and societal benefits. A valuable lesson for the US Northeast is that benefits are reduced the later integration and coordination begins, with benefits reduced by about half if coordination were to begin in 2030rather than 2025.