Power Advisory's Calgary Team

May 25, 2022
Jason Chee-Aloy

CALGARY, ALBERTA (May 25, 2022) – Power Advisory is pleased to announce our refreshed Calgary-based team of electricity market consultants.  We are increasing our service offerings in Alberta and more broadly across western Canada and the western U.S.

Recently joining our team are Ketan Lakhani (former Director, Analytics and Information Technology at the Alberta Market Surveillance Administrator (MSA)) and Will Chow (formerly with the Alberta Electricity System Operator (AESO)).  Christine Runge, who has been with Power Advisory since 2017, has moved into the role of Manager, Regulatory.

Ketan joins Power Advisory as Director,Electricity Market Analytics.  Ketan has over 16 years of experience in Alberta’s electricity market.  Prior to his role with the MSA, he was with the AESO working in Forecasting and Analytics.  Throughout his career, Ketan’s focus has been quantitative analysis, covering market monitoring and reporting, wholesale market design, market simulations, and supporting policy and regulatory matters with quantitative insights.  In his previous role with the MSA, he led the Enforcement and Analytics teams.  Ketan has also led data acquisition, governance and maturity, as well as business intelligence dashboarding initiatives with focus on quicker decision effectiveness.  Ketan has a passion for data, both strategically and quantitatively.  Ketan holds an M.Sc.in Predictive Analytics from Northwestern University and a B.Sc. in Actuarial Science from the University of Calgary.

Will Chow recently joined Power Advisory as Manager, Wholesale Electricity Markets. Will has over 12 years of experience in regulatory policy, wholesale electricity market design, and power system operations.  Prior to joining Power Advisory, Will spent 10 years at the AESO as an Energy Economist in regulatory and wholesale market design, and as a system controller in real-time grid and market operations within the AESO’s control room.  Prior to the AESO, Will worked for the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) in regulatory policy specializing in electricity retail and distribution settlement and metering.  Will brings to Power Advisory’s clients his expertise in wholesale market design, including detailed knowledge of economic fundamentals, regulations, rules, and policies underlying Alberta’s electricity market.  He has appeared as an expert witness before the AUC on matters related to the FEOC regulation.  Will’s years spent as a system controller also brings a grid reliability perspective to his client’s needs relating to electricity generation, transmission planning and security, intertie policy, and ancillary services.

Christine is an Energy Economist based in Calgary, with 10 years of experience in electricity markets with experience in regulatory affairs and wholesale markets. Christine’s experience includes transmission and distribution tariffs,performance-based regulation, distribution connected generation (DCG) issues in Alberta, regulated rate option energy price setting plans, and capacity markets.  Christine has worked with a range of clients in all segments of the electricity market, with a particular focus on utilities and generation owners and developers, including DCG developers, renewable generation developers, and co-generation owners.  Christine has testified before the AUC and represents clients in AESO stakeholder consultations.  She also frequently works on regulatory application development and support throughout the regulatory process.  Her three years working for the AUC gave her keen insights into regulatory processes.

For further information and inquiries please contact:

Jason Chee-Aloy (Managing Director),jchee-aloy@poweradvisoryllc.om, 416-303-8667

Ketan Lakhani (Director, Electricity Market Analytics), klakhani@poweradvisoryllc.com, 403-390-4540

Will Chow (Manager, Wholesale Electricity Markets), wchow@poweradvisoryllc.om, 403-604-9857

Christine Runge (Manager, Regulatory), crunge@poweradvisoryllc.om, 403-613-7624